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The Films


We made our first film back in 1997, while taking a production class at Chicago Film Makers (CFM). A b;acl amd white joint called "Stalkers", shot with a Bolex. Running a smidge over three minutes, the film starred three puppets and a class mate as the lead; we edited the masterpiece in the basement of CFM with a hand splicer, a reel to reel viewer, and about 15 cups of coffee. It took 6 hours.. but boy oh boy was it a blast. A few years later while attending the Theater School, we used refund checks from our student loans and shot, "Walt Brother Walt" on 35 mm. Our DP got the film free (perks of being a recent grad from Columbia College) and a good chunk of the budget went to renting a jib arm. It rained all week, we didn't get all the shots we wanted, and from a pure aesthetic point of view it could have been a lot better, never the less; we wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

Things have changed since the Bolex days. We've shot countless shorts on our cell phone, and moved up to our trusty Black Magic Pocket Camera. But despite the blessings of technology, here's to maintaining that learner's mind, to great story telling, and the never ending quest for perfection. Long ling indie film baby!!!!


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