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BORN in Paris, France, Stacey moved to the States at the age of 2. Her parents both artist; mom a painter and dad a playwright, encouraged her to chase her dreams and always soar for the stars. By her sophomore year in high school, she had plans of going away for school, majoring in Broad Cast Journalism and becoming a weather woman. But after a production of, "West Side Story", her junior year, young Stacey was bitten by the acting bug, and never looked back. The next year while attending a high school acting camp, she met the happy go lucky Bradford Stevens, and they became best buds. She earned her MFA in acting in 2002 and co-founded Land of Misery Films with Brad that same year.

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Office Cat

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Office Cat share a tasty lunch with a friend. Written and directed by Stacey Carpenter

Western United (1)
Friend in Need (2)
Erica Jane (2)
Hush Your Mouth Carp
Charlie's Light (1)
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