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Don't Wait Happy New Year!!!!

Wow, 2020! It's been years since our last post, and we are back in the house at long last. The vibe for the year, for the decade. Don't Wait. Get the hell out there. Over the last year, we have been shooting our web series, "The Dazzling Cool Cat Jones Show", airring on YouTube, and if there's any advice I would give budding filmmakers, it would be that, THE TIME IS NOW. DON'T WAIT!!!

Don't wait for financing. Don't wait for a crew Don't wait for actors Don't wait for the perfect camera Don't wait for that awesome location

Chase: Tony Takes on the World Shoot (Darryl Parham/ Eunice Woods as Mia) Don't wait for any of that shit. Get out there an shoot. Yes, some projects will take a minute to get off the ground. It took Martin Scorsese 32 Years to make Gangs of New York, but he was grinding, grinding, grinding all along the way, on other projects he could do while he played the long game.

Behind the Scenes of the Dazzling Cool Cat Jones shoot

Got a pen and a pad. You have all you need to write that awesome script. Have a cell phone, with an editing app, you have all you need to shoot your first film. Shooting Dazzling Cool Cat Jones has been a blast, yet incredibly challenging. With a shoe string budget, we weren't in position to hire a DP. So we buckled up and started shooting ourselves. There a plenty of scenes in the first episode where shots were over exposed, and the lighting wasn't perfect, but we rolled with it, and learned from it, and pressed a head. Developing your chops as a filmmaker is never ending, a never ending drive for perfection. Perfection, which may never be attained, yet who's the constant pursuit of takes your talents to heights you never thought imaginable. So what are you waiting for yall. Pick up that pen and pad, grab your camera, call some friends, shoot some shit, and make the magic happen. Back in a few days. And as always. Dream Big. Dare to be Great! Stacey Carp

January 17, 2020

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