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  • 48 Hour Film Competition

    Good News Yall, we're competing in the  Chicago 48 Hour Film Project. It kicks off next week, Friday, August 14th; runs until August 16th, and it's gonna be a blast baby. Honestly, we're a tad bit nervous about the whole thing. We shot many a short film, but this will be the first time having a 48 Hour dead line to write the script, shoot the film, edit, and then deliver the film by Sunday evening. Never the less, we're looking forward to the challenge.

    We have an all star team on board: Actors Harold Denniss, Andre Enriques, La Quis Harkins, and Bradford Stevens. Music by Eric Deshaun Dorris. With Jonathan Rhodes as our cinematographer, Ronald Groves our boom operator, and Valerie Stevens as our trusty production assistant. And yours truly as the screenwriter and director. Yeah!

    We're planning to track the entire process with our trusty cell phones and cam corders, so stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at all the fun. Until then, have a great weekend, and as always....


    Stacey Carp scouting locations. Yeah!!!