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  • Fiscal Sponsor

    Hello party people,

    Hope you're having a great summer. Good news yall. From the Heart Productions just signed on to be our fiscal sponsor for our up coming Indiegogo Campaign. That's right, we're launching a new crowd funding campaign for "Chase: Tony Takes on the World", and it's gonna be a blast. For those of you who may not know, From the Heart Productions is a fantastic organization founded by Carole Dean that has over 22 years of experience of helping film makers produce their projects via The Roy Dean Film Grant, personal consultation, classes, crowd funding, as well as fiscal sponsorship. So what exactly in a fiscal sponsor? Well, in a nutshell a fiscal sponsor helps you find donors for your project, as well as helping prospective  donors find you. Nice!

    We're very excited about this next step. We've applied for the Roy Dean film grant numerous times before in past, and Carole Dean has always been incredibly insightful, accessible, and genuinely excited about helping film makers produce their films. Of course, as with anything great, no body can want it more than you. Ya gots to have a never say die attitude, a burning desire to win, and an insane work ethic to reach your goals. Never the less, you can't always do it by yourself, and it's so nice to have a helping hand guiding the way. Yeah!!!

    We're still in the early planning stages right now, but keep an eye out for updates. We're looking forward to launching our Indiegogo campaign some time in late September/early October. In the mean time my friends, have a great week. And as always....Dream Big! Dare to be Great!!!! Yeah!!!

    Stacey Carp