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  • March 12th Shoot

    Keep it Moving Baby. We've been working on "Chase: Tony Takes on the World" for 7 years now. 7 years from penning the script to this very moment. And despite the challenges, the set backs, and life getting in the way; the fire to complete this film burns more intensely than ever.

    March 12th we got one more step closer in conquering that mountain, with a shoot down at Magnaimous Studios. Our amazing actors Michelle Coleman-Flyod, Anjelica Mason, Eunice Woods Nunnally, Foster Williams Jr., and Bradford Stevens knocked it out the box. And our fantastic crew with Sylwia Delon our makeup artist, and Darryl Parham, our DP and sound technician made the shooting day, "Easy Like Sunday Morning" (what yall know about the Commodores!)

    We're applying for the Illinois Film Grant to help complete production. We should know by Nov 2015 if we received it our not. But in the mean time, we're getting right back at it. We start shooting again in late July. Oh yeah. Can't stop, won't stop, GOTS TO KEEP IT MOVING!!!! Have a great week and as always....DREAM BIG AND DARE TO BE GREAT!


    Here are a few pics from the March 12th shoot

    Sylwia Delon putting the finishing touches on Anjelica Mason

    The studio before the actors hit the set

    Darryl Parham zooming in on Eunice Woods Nunnally for her close up

    Foster Willimas Jr. in the house

    Darryl Parham. DP and Sound Technician extraodinaire