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  • JOE

    How goes it my friends. Stacey Carp is in the house once again. We're crazy excited to say we have another film in the Hollywood Black Film Festival/ contest. The deadline for entries was extended, so our boy; actor extraordinaire Harold Dennis said, "Ey, why not shoot another film." And after brain storming ideas and pulling together some amazing actors at the last minute, we came up with a little joint called, "JOE". The story; in a nut shell, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil himself makes his argument on why he's been totally misunderstood over the years, and how human beings are actually responsible for their own pain and suffering. With one location, in a climate controlled environment; this was a piece of cake compared to the "Flying Man" shoot. But make no mistakes about good people, we had a blast shooting both of these films. Yeah!!

    Theresa A. Moore and Charles Hemphill Jr. play the owners of a small company in "JOE"

    Harold Dennis plays an employee "Joe"

    Bradford S. Stevens play the devil in "Joe"

    Brad and I have always had a love for great foreign films, a love of subtitles, a love of the musicality language. French, English, Spanish, you name it. Language has a beautiful musicality to it we can't get enough of. So we had the wacky of idea, that maybe the devil speaks a totally different language in the film. A language never heard before by humankind. And I got to say, there were countless times I almost ruined a take by laughing, listening to the giberish coming out Brad's mouth. Ha!!

    Voting for the Hollywood Black Film Festival/ contest kicks off Feb 19th; that's right this Wednesday yall!! 4pm central time and goes until Feb 26th 4pm central time. You can vote for more than one film party people, so if yall were to vote for "Flying Man" and "JOE" WE WOULD HAVE NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YA!!! Oh yeah.

    We'll keep you posted on the results, but until next time my friends...Have a great week, and as always, Dream Big and Dare to Be Great!!!

    Stacey Carp