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  • Laser Focus

    Walked down to one of my favorite coffee houses, just outside Rogers Park, and sat in reflection over a large Green Tea Latte. Feeling stressed out, and pulled in a million directions, I started to reaccess my life. My goals, my career; were I am versus were I want to be. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing like being on the go. Between teaching youth, working with my theatre troupe, auditioning, and trying to get the film off the ground; nothing makes me feel more alive. But at what price? Have I been treading water the last year or so, and mistaking motion for progress. Doing plays and auditioning for commercials is fantastic, but what about the film? What about the film? What about the film!!!!!

    With only 24 hours in a day, it's only natural that certain things get placed on the back burner. But if those things are the things that matter most, it can be counterproductive to say the least. I felt bad about it a first, but I started thinking that I needed to be a little more selfish with my time. Not selfish, from the stand point, of "fuck everybody else, I got mine, you get yours" But selfish in terms of being  more "focused" on the task at hand. Hey, if this film is our baby; we need to start treating it like our baby. Not that we're gonna crawl in a cave and become a hermit, but it will mean cutting back. Cutting back a bit on teaching, though I love working with the kiddos; cutting back on doing shows, though I love being on stage, cutting back on a few things here and there, to move FORWARD with our dreams. Film making is marathon, not a sprint; but the time for laser focus is now. So here's to putting first things first, and making the damn thing happen!!! Oh yeah!!

    Until next time my friends, DREAM BIG AND DARE TO BE GREAT!!

    Stacey Carp